Quality Certification

Company has won several certificates with innovative technology

Inspection and Test

In the manufacturing process, we are equipped with laboratory equipment that can meet the full performance test requirements of the product. The test equipment has reached the domestic advanced level. The test capability can meet the relevant national industry standards and the customer's test requirements for the product.

Fuel Injector performance test table
Mass Air flow Sensor performance test table
Fuel pump metalwork production inspection

Low-carbon environmental protection business

As a responsible company, we fulfill our mission
of low-carbon environmental protection and encourage our employees to actively participate in such efforts.

To achieve sustainable management

Our strategy is to maximize the ecological benefits at all stages of business operations. We measure the business unit and personal environment to foster a sustainable business culture

Make production cleaner

Continuously improve new processes and introduce environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment to increase production efficiency and product qualification rates, reduce waste generation, and we ask our partners to do the same.

Green purchasing

We are the leader in green procurement methods. We purchase high-efficiency and reusable materials.